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Triple E: Elevate, Enhance, Expand is a success and mindset podcast focused on breaking down principles of success.  Jessica Schmitt, owner and founder of Mindful Ontogeny, is the host for Triple E.  In this podcast, Jessica brings on guests knowledgeable in a specific principle of success for thoughtful discussions to help audiences Elevate their mindset, Enhance their life, and Expand their success.   Listen anywhere you get your podcasts.

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If today's conversation doesn't move you, I don't know what will.  My guest today has a story that could have ended in tragedy, yet instead ended in triumph.  It is a story of life and death, of dark and light, of fear and hope.  Life, light, and hope win in this one. Today's conversation is deeply rooted in the Christian faith and what it means to trust in God and to live for God.  It is a conversation, a guest, and a story that will impact lives and change perspectives.

My guest today is Gary Miracle. Gary is a Christian and motivational speaker. He is also an example of what it means to be a fighter. When Gary was 39, he got very ill and fell into septic shock. He was placed in a coma with a 1.7% chance of survival. His family and friends were told to say their goodbyes. After a transfer to a new hospital, he flatlined. Gary died for 11 minutes. Yet, by the grace of God, he was revived. He was placed on a form of life support that left his arms and legs without blood. While it saved his life, his extremities were amputated from the elbows and knees down. However, he did not let this stop him. Today, he lives a full life. He inspires others with his story of life and God’s goodness through his speeches and podcast.  He is a friend to anyone struggling, and he encourages us to be vulnerable and to live in our true selves as God created us. He has a deep relationship with Jesus, a rich family life, and an inspiring message for everyone to hear.

In this episode, Gary shares the details of his story.  From there, he and I discuss what his life was like before the event, and how it changed after. We talk about how his faith grew with his new chance at life.  Gary gives insight into what it looks like to trust God.  He answers the question of whether or not he questioned God's work in his life. Gary doesn't just explain his story; he also shows how his new perspective applies to everyone's lives, giving the audience profound value. He encourages everyone to live in a state of vulnerability that allows us to be true to ourselves and find strength through solid community.  Stay until the end to hear Gary answer my final question with heart.

How often do you hear about the importance of communication?  Communication is vital to success in almost any job, pursuit, and area of life.  Yet so few people know how to communicate effectively, and even fewer people feel comfortable doing so.  How do we overcome the obstacles of fear and lack of knowledge in this area?  You'll find out in today's episode.  I have brought on an expert in the field of communication.  Not only is he the best communicator I've had the privilege of meeting, but he is also incredibly knowledgeable about success as a whole.

My guest today is Mark DeEulio.  Mark DeEulio has been in business all his life.  As the son of a successful US entrepreneur, Mark had firsthand experience in the establishing and running of all phases of operations in several successful businesses.  He set out on his own in the construction industry in California at 18 and in one year achieved the level of foreman on construction crews, overseeing the production of people much older than him.  After mastering the construction trade, Mark found his next challenge in Communications and Management.  From ages 20 to 24, Mark was a Communications instructor and an Executive, training people in the art and science of communication.  One year later, Mark became the senior consultant for the fastest growing and largest healthcare/dental consulting firm in the world.  With revenues over 25 million, Mark led this firm as their top Management speaker and carved a niche in the industry that leaves him in demand still.  From 2001 to 2009, Mark conducted seminars at conventions, workshops, and business training in all parts of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the UK for Rotarian organizations, private business clubs, municipal administrations and airlines, as well as consulted corporations there.  Today he is a leading speaker for management training firms in the US as well as a sought-after speaker for business conventions and meetings.  He has spoken to well over 400,000 people all over the world and is known as the top presenter of management technology today on many continents. He is also President of his own consulting firm, Vanguard Management Systems, where he provides courses, workshops, and strategic coaching for 5-50 million dollar corporations.

In this episode with Mark, we talk about how so many people are afraid to communicate and don't say anything, when they should be doing the opposite!  We touch on communication patterns of younger generations, as well as today's young generation specifically.  We discuss the importance of engineering a conversation, especially when you are talking to someone with poorer communication skills.  We also elaborate on how important communicating is for networking.  Additionally, we talk about some broader aspects of success in general.  Throughout it all, Mark uses stories and experiences from his own life to demonstrate his points that are both helpful and very interesting!  Make sure to listen to this one closely, there is a lot of great value in it.

Business is a part of everyone’s lives, whether you realize it or not.  From your grocery store trips, to your paycheck, to what you choose to do with the money you earn, business is heavily intertwined into our lives.  Therefore, in order to be successful, you need to understand some key components of business.  Among these are risk taking, generating income, basic economics, and investment strategies.  And that is what today’s episode is all about.

My guest today is an expert in this space, Dr. Michael Knight.  Dr. Knight is a twice tenured business strategy professor.  With both corporate and international academic experience, he blends real world concepts with academic integrity.  From corporate America to the top US and International universities, Dr. Knight has presented strategic concepts to over 20,000 attendees in the past 20 years.  Not only is Dr. Knight an expert in the area of business, he also has entrepreneurial pursuits himself and is deep in the space of crypto and crypto mining.

In this episode, Dr. Knight talks about what risk taking means in business, different options and approaches for generating income, and how crypto and digital currency is changing the world.  He touches on the state of the economy today, what that means for us, and how being knowledgeable in cutting edge spaces can help you keep moving forward during this time.  He stresses the importance of finding ways to generate income in our ever-evolving society, as well as the uniqueness of crypto currencies and that space.

This episode isn’t just about business, though.  Many of the things Dr. Knight speaks on are principles that are applicable to many areas of life.  For example, he details how risk taking and risk evaluation are a part of our daily lives, not just in business.  Dr. Knight is incredibly knowledgeable not just in business, but in a wide variety of disciplines, which you will quickly learn from our vast and multi-layered conversation.  Make sure you listen until the end because we have a bonus clip where Dr. Knight talks about how he stumbled into the crypto mining space!

When we think of success, it seems that there are two lanes of thought for getting there.  One is to work extremely hard 24/7 and never stop the grind.  The other is to sit back, think about it, and let it manifest.  But which one will actually help you reach success?  Or is it a combination of both?  You'll discover the answer in this episode.

In this episode, I break down both components.  I talk about what manifestation is, how visualization is a major tool for manifestation, how it relates to energy frequencies and the state you are in, and how manifestation can contribute to success.  I also talk about the necessity of hard work, how action gets you results, and the role hard work plays in your success.  I explain the downfalls of manifestation without work and action, as well as work without clear direction and preparation.

By the end of this episode, you'll understand how manifestation and visualization are the preparation, and hard work is the action.  It is action that gets us results, but it is manifestation and visualization that moves us into purposeful action.  This is a short but sweet quick discussion of how both of these components can play into success and the importance of each of them.  

What does it take to work your way up?  What does it take to keep improving yourself?  What does it take to consistently grow in life?  Some of the (many, many, many) answers to these questions can be found in this episode.

My guest today is Udbhav Desai, and he is nothing less than a prime example of what it means to work your way up.  He has achieved a lot of success, all at a pretty young age.  As he explains in this episode, he is always looking for new things to learn, ways to grow, and methods for achieving the most out of a situation.  His drive to not only succeed but overachieve is evident.  

Udbhav was born in the state of Gujarat India.  He moved to Toronto, Canada in second grade, and then New Jersey in sixth grade.  He attended Northwestern University, earning a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Geography, as well as graduating Magna Cum Laude.  He then spent 5 years in Madison, Wisconsin working for Epic Systems in numerous analytics-focused roles, from Solution Engineering to managing to Business Intelligence Engineering.  Now, he works for Alight Solutions as a Senior Manager of Business Intelligence and Analytics.  Alongside his impressive business career, he loves staying actively involved in dance opportunities, seizing guest roles whenever possible.

In this episode, Udbhav talks about numerous ways that he achieved and now maintains his success.  He discusses how he constantly looked for ways to go above and beyond in college to get the most out of his education.  He explains the importance of balancing confidence and humility.  He touches on what he calls the work-life swing (and why he calls it that).  And he states that instead of waiting your turn for success, you should "make it your turn."  That is just scratching the surface of the ideas Udbhav has to offer on this topic.  It's clear that Udbhav has reflected deeply on how he achieved his success and the mental state required to continue to grow and improve in life.  Today, he shares that knowledge with you!

Having the right perspective of failure is crucial to success.  So many people let temporary "failures" (which you'll find out in this episode shouldn't be called failures) take them out of the game.  But at the end of the day, failure is inevitable.  Challenges are going to come up.  You are going to make mistakes.  Things are not going to go your way sometimes.  But if you can learn how to push through this and grow from it, you will eventually become the person you need to be to achieve your goals. 

Failure is not fun.  Nobody goes into something saying, "I can't wait to fail!"  However, while it's not fun, failure can be very valuable if put in the right perspective.  In this episode today, you'll learn how failures are not there to make you quit; instead, they are there to teach you something, help you grow, and steer you in the right direction.  You'll also learn what failure really is (which is different from how many people view failure).  I also detail a few of my own failures, how I viewed them at the time, and how I view them now.

Failure has many benefits, if you're willing to look for them.  That includes drive and motivation, feedback, and a change of actions.  The key is learning how to leverage failure to your benefit, and this episode is all about giving you that perspective.  I also give you 5 questions to ask yourself after failure that will help you put it into perspective in real time.  Also, make sure you listen to the end of the episode, where I will give you an activity to reflect on one of your past failures using the ideas I discuss.  

If you really want to achieve your goals, this is an important episode to listen to.  Failures will happen, and they can either discourage you or push you forward.  How you handle them is your choice.  Yes, you heard that right.  You have a choice of how you perceive and handle failure.  Your perception and the actions you take when failure occurs will determine how successful you can truly be.

We see many people who have found (and been successful) in their passions.  Sports celebrities.  Movie stars.  Major corporation CEOs.  But many of you may be sitting there thinking things like, I don’t know what my passion is, I don’t even know where to begin, or What if I never find my passion?  Or maybe you have found your passion, but you’re worried you won’t be successful in it.  If this is you, then definitely tune in to this episode.

Today I have brought on Michael Knight.  Michael is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer.  He was also my former dance teacher and mentor whose passion for dance shined through in his teaching.  He clearly has found his passion, and in this episode, he shares how he went about doing that and how it has impacted his life.  Michael gives insight into how having his passion has led him to success in life, how exploring new things and taking time to experience life helps you find your passion, how passionate people show up to life differently, and so much more.

My discussion with Michael will help you begin your search for your passion and find it.  It will explain how to move through shifting passions and a multitude of them.  But most importantly, it will remind you why it’s important to have a passion, whether that passion makes you money or not.  Life is more vibrant with passion.  And the process of finding it can be just as exciting!

We hear about mindset, personal development, and self-help all the time.  And let's be honest- there are a lot of different ideas and trains of thought in this space.  A lot of what is talked about is deep, profound messages about the mind, human nature, and life.  But while that stuff is important, it can be overwhelming if you're not in the space.  With all of the information out there on these topics, you might be asking yourself: "What is mindset work, and how do I even start it?"

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, this episode is for you.  In this episode, I detail how you can go about starting mindset work.  I break it down into what it is, what you need, what you can do, and how to approach it.  I even go deeper, explaining what time of day is best to do this work, some of the many benefits, and why mindset work is an important component of a successful and fulfilled life.  But more importantly, I explain how easy it is to start.  It doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or super time-consuming.  

Everyone should be working on their mind.  It is an essential component to achieving success and achieving it in a way that leaves you fulfilled.  The people who are truly successful and happy in life work on their mind.  Everyone's mindset journey will look different, but it's important to find what works for you and do it so that you can maximize your growth and success.  Mindset work helps you grow, and if you aren't growing, you are missing out on the enormous potential life has to offer.  As you'll hear me say in the show, we've got one shot at life.  One shot to take what we have been blessed with and make it as beautiful as possible.  Mindset work is a cornerstone of making that happen.  I implore you to take what you learn in this episode and apply something so that you can start your own mindset journey today.  

If you have no idea what mindset work is, this episode is for you.  If you've never done mindset work before, this episode is for you.  And if you already do mindset work, this episode is for you.  Whatever stage of your journey you are on, this episode will give you some ideas to further the growth of your mind and your personal development.  I appreciate you tuning in.

What does an athlete need to be successful?  Skill, talent, competitiveness, drive, physical athleticism, and most importantly... MINDSET!!  You can have all of those other things, but if your mindset isn't wired for success, your path is going to be a lot harder.  Yet so many athletes are lacking the right mindset, and I believe it's because many of them don't even know where to start.  What is a good athletic mindset?

That is what today's episode is all about.  My guest today is Tony Earp, Director of Classics Eagles Soccer, a parent coached, professionally assisted youth soccer club in Ohio.  He has over 15 years of experience coaching and directing youth soccer, and he has written over 70 articles and made hundreds of training videos to support player development.  Not only that, but Tony was also a successful athlete himself.  He played soccer for The Ohio State University as a 4-year starter and captain, leading the team to its first Big Ten Championship and NCAA Tournament appearance.  He knows the frame of mind needed to play at a high level, and he is working to instill these concepts of mindset in the young athletes he coaches.  Tony brings a unique, relevant, and thought-out perspective on mindset for young athletes.

In this episode, Tony and I discuss multiple areas of mindset for athletes.  We go deep on how failure only occurs if you quit, and that making mistakes is actually an important part of the development process.  We talk about how important dedication is to success, and how many players don't fully understand what true dedication and commitment is.  Tony makes the differentiation between players who are internally focused and those who are externally focused, explaining that players who are externally focused are coming from a place of insecurity that is not conducive to success.  We also reflect on how children and adults have a different attitude towards losing, and that as adults we forget how resilient and resourceful children are.  And of course, we explain that mindset is key to success.

We talk about mindset in the context of athletics, but don't be fooled!  The ideas we discuss in today's episode apply to pretty much EVERY area of life.  You can use these ideas for any goal to increase your ability to be successful.  Enjoy this amazing discussion I have with Tony!

This episode is a little different than usual episodes.  There is no guest; it's just me.  I received a topic suggestion a while ago asking me to do an episode on my experience in high school being both a ballet dancer and a normal high school student, how I balanced it all, and what it was like to leave home early.  So, in this episode, I talk about part of my story.  I go through the nuts and bolts of my dance journey.  I talk about what it was like to balance high school with intense ballet training.  I talk about how I tried to balance a social life.  I reflect on how my obsession with becoming a professional ballet dancer was perceived by my peers.  I go through how I was criticized and made to feel bad for my goals, but how I pursued them anyway.  I explain what it was like to leave home my senior year to pursue my dreams and how I look back on that decision.

More importantly, I talk about how not being normal, not fitting society's box, is a GOOD thing.  I tell you that I don't want to be normal, and why that is.  I talk about how really, when you think about it, no one is normal because we all have our own goals, dreams, and gifts.  I talk about not quitting and not letting anyone else's opinions make you give up.  I also talk about my definition of success.  

This episode is not just for you to hear my journey.  It's to inspire you to follow whatever dreams you have in your heart.  It's to give you the insights from someone who is doing that.  It's to give you the confidence, motivation, and fire to go do YOU!!  Follow your dreams, chase your goals, do what is best for you in your life so that you can be happy.  I hope this episode inspires you to follow your dreams in the way that is right for you and that you take what I say and use it to help you in your life!

Problem solving is a necessary skill to success.  It's one that we all do.  But are we good at it, and are we doing it the most efficiently and effectively?  In this episode, Daniela Adams and I go deep into what problem solving is, how you do it, and how it contributes to overall success.  Daniela is the voice of PM Title, a title company, where she processes, closes loans, problem solves, and manages the office in Grove City, Ohio.  She started helping to build PM Title while in college at Ohio State University, where she was studying human nutrition and exercise science.  In the early years, Daniela was knocking on doors and making cold calls while connecting to people with her homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Now, she is a leader, motivator, mentor, problem-solver, 10x-er, and volunteer for Project Memories (a non-profit organization).  

Daniela is an expert in problem solving.  Here, she shares what she knows about problem solving to let us take our success to the next level.  Daniela goes deep in today's episode, talking about how her own problem-solving skills have evolved, the steps involved in problem solving, why staying calm is important to problem solving, how problem solving applies to various areas of life, and what problem solving does for your success and your life. Not only does she talk about problem solving, but she gives multiple examples of how she has applied problem solving to her own life.  This practical application will give you a better understanding of how to actually apply the concepts of problem solving you will learn about.  Her stories are motivational, and her work ethic, drive, and ambition shine through when she speaks.  

Health is probably one of the most important components of success.  Without your health, it is incredibly hard to become successful.  And if you somehow manage to become successful in a poor state of health (which is highly unlikely), you won't be able to enjoy all that success offers because you won't have the energy, strength, or desire to.  Dr. Peter Schmitt, or Dr. Pete as he is commonly known, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  He has 27 years of clinical experience and over 300 hours of study in nutrition.  He currently practices chiropractic with his wife, Dr. Julie Schmitt, at their practice New Leaf Chiropractic in Monroe, Wisconsin.  Dr. Schmitt focuses on wellness in his practice, not only relieving pain but also educating his patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  In this episode, he imparts that wisdom on us

This episode is very special to me.  I am proud to call Dr. Schmitt my dad.  He and I have had countless discussions about health, wellness, nutrition, and much more.  I was raised in an environment that promoted a healthy lifestyle, given the occupation and lifestyle of my parents, and it has had amazing effects on my life.  I have been mentored, taught, and coached in the area of health by my parents.  I wanted to bring Dr. Schmitt on so that he could share his knowledge with everyone.  This knowledge is so important to health and success and taking action on the advice he gives will start to transform your life.  We talk about nutrition, exercise, energy, physical recovery, chiropractic, supplementation, getting out of bed in the morning, how we are guided in pivotal decisions, and much more.  I'd recommend grabbing a notebook and pen; you're going to want to take some notes.

We all know that high achievers have an enormous amount of dedication towards what they do.  But oftentimes, it is something we take for granted as necessary for success, and we don't ever break it down and talk about what it really takes to be dedicated.  In this episode, Stella and I break down dedication, what it means to be dedicated, how dedication is present in all areas of life, how passion, discipline, and priorities are related to dedication, and how to go about finding something you are dedicated towards.  Stella is an aspiring dancer pursuing a career in the arts world.  She has accomplished so much already, ranging from ballet summer intensives and competitions to music videos and television commercials, and she is just getting started.  If you've ever wondered how a dedicated dancer thinks and acts, now is your chance to find out.

This episode focuses on what it means and what it takes to take a leap of faith.  Taking a leap of faith happens when you finally fully commit to something that will cause you to grow in some way, before you know the outcome or the full journey you will be taken on.  People take a leap of faith because they feel called to do something that will cause them to have, do, or be more.  It involves a lot of fear, courage, discovery, mistakes, lessons, and faith.  Aaron Conrad is the host of the Unscripted with Aaron Conrad podcast and founder of the content creation business MyUnscripted.  He took a leap of faith when he decided to invest all of his time into his podcast, which eventually led to his business.  He speaks of his experiences with the decision to make the leap, the fear that comes with, the faith needed to keep going, and what his life is like now because he took the leap.  He touches on why it is important to surround yourself with a supportive and honest village, how to stay anchored and flexible simultaneously, and the importance of your why.  Make sure to leave a review, suggest a topic, or just reach out if you like what you hear on the show!  Also, follow Triple E: Elevate, Enhance, Expand on social media.  If you like this episode, please go give Aaron's podcast a listen and reach out to him at the links provided in the show notes (found on any of the podcast platforms).  Thanks for listening!

This is our first real discussion on Triple E, and we couldn't have asked for a more insightful, inspiring, and motivating discussion.  Ms. Luksik and Jessica dug really deep into what chasing a dream really looks like and how to do it successfully.  This episode touches on how Ms. Luksik achieved her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer, what failure means in the context of a dream, how balance can contribute to success, and so much more.  These insights apply not just to dreams and goals, but to LIFE!!  Be sure to listen to the last question Jessica asks Ms. Luksik; it will give you a new perspective on what success is.  After listening, leave us a review and let us know what you thought of the show!!  Also, get in touch with Central Midwest Ballet, Ms. Luksik's academy, and consider donating.  It is a place doing great things for the future generations of ballet dancers. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the Triple E Podcast, where we Elevate your mindset, Enhance your life, and Expand your success.  We are so happy that you are listening today, and we cannot wait for you to engage with this podcast and get amazing value from each episode.  In this quick little introduction episode, host Jessica Schmitt talks about herself, her business Mindful Ontogeny, and the purpose and structure of this new podcast so that you are fully prepared for the incredible discussions to follow.  If you like what you hear today, make sure to tune in to each upcoming episode.