About Us

Mindful Ontogeny is a business dedicated to the success of its clients. Our mindset and personal development coaching focuses on building a strong mindset and helping clients become the person they need to be to reach their goals. We teach relevant, applicable knowledge that changes clients' lives for the better. With regular sessions and check-ins, we really are there to help every step of the way during arguably the most important journey a person can take: the one in pursuit of their dreams. We offer coaching to individuals, as well as to teams/organizations/companies. We also offer motivational speaking to inspire your organization, team, company, or students through stories of drive, dedication, ambition, failure, persistence, and comebacks. Additionally, we offer academic tutoring for students grades K-12, where we assist with assignments and coursework, as well as teach important life skills, such as time management and organization, that are important both in and outside of the classroom. Here at Mindful Ontogeny, we offer immense value to everyone we work with that exceeds our prices, helping you make your dreams a reality.

Mindful Ontogeny currently offers in-person sessions in the Orlando, Florida area and virtual sessions nationwide. All of our initial consultations are conducted for FREE. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Mission Statement

Here at Mindful Ontogeny, our goal is to ensure each person we have the privilege of working with reaches their goals and achieves real success. We believe every person has unlimited potential, and we want to be the catalyst that unlocks that potential. We want to give our clients valuable information and strategies to pursue success and offer them immense support along the way. We believe that what we teach will benefit anyone, especially our youth. Our mission comes down to the happiness and success of you.

Meet our Coaches, Tutors, and Speakers!


Jessica Schmitt

Jessica is pursuing a career as a professional ballet dancer. After years of holding limiting beliefs and self doubts in her dancing, she realized that if she didn’t change something, she would hold herself back from achieving her goals. She immersed herself into personal development and mindset studies, learning the content of the likes of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and more. Jessica has always enjoyed helping others understand ideas and concepts, and after learning ideas that completely shifted her mindset and perspective of success, she found herself wanting to help others. Additionally, she believed that her dance journey, one that is full of successes, failures, comebacks, and perseverance, could inspire others on their own success journeys, especially the youth. Mindful Ontogeny allows Jessica to spread the powerful knowledge she has learned and continues to study regularly, and give others the mindset needed to reach success on their own journeys. Not only is she a speaker and mindset/personal development coach, but she is also an academic tutor. A graduate from Monroe High School in Monroe, Wisconsin, Jessica is pursuing a B.A. in English- Technical and Professional Writing at Indiana University East online. She graduated with Distinguished Honors with a 4.2 GPA, achieved a 35 on the ACT, received her district’s “Student of the Month” award twice, and was named an AP Scholar by the College Board. Throughout high school, she has taken numerous AP classes: AP U.S. History, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, and AP European History. She has completed both in-person and online courses, and has the skills to help students in both. In addition to her dancing, Jessica has participated in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), Link Crew, and various other community services. Jessica recognizes the immense value in developing a strong mindset and skills for success, and she wants Mindful Ontogeny to be a place where people go to be supported, mentored, and catapulted to the life they always dreamed.