We strive to overdeliver on our rates. Fees apply to the actual sessions. If you ever have a question about something discussed in your session that you need answered before the next session, you are welcome to contact your coach or tutor, and you will receive answers and assistance free of charge. Coaches and tutors may reach out in between sessions (with your permission) to assess your progress and help you stay the course. That comes at no-cost as well. We want you to experience your highest levels of success, and we will help you do that any way we can.*

Initial Consultation: FREE

Individual Mindset/Personal Development Coaching: $40/1 hour session**

Team/Organization Mindset/Personal Development Coaching: $80/1 hour session

Motivational Speaking: $300/1 hour speech

Academic Tutoring: $40/1 hour session**

*sessions are not required to be, nor limited to, 1 hour; length of sessions will be decided upon during the initial consultation

**these rates are for 1 person; rates will vary if there is more than one person in a session (with the exception of Team/Organization Mindset/Personal Development Coaching)