Mindful Ontogeny

"There's a you inside of you that you haven't even met yet, and that's your greatest you." ~Trent Shelton

Why Mindful Ontogeny?

Mindful Ontogeny is a business dedicated to the goals, success, peak performance, and happiness of everyone we come into contact with, especially youth. We offer academic tutoring for grades K-12 with a focus on developing skillsets for success. We not only help improve academic performance and raise grades, but we also work to increase students' self-confidence, desire to achieve, and skillsets for success. Mindful Ontogeny tutor Jessica Schmitt consistently fosters strong results, with improved grades and test scores being an indicator of growth and learning in students. Mindful Ontogeny also offers mindset development coaching and motivational speaking for those who want the extra edge to reach their goals. A strong mindset is necessary for achieving major results, and we are here to help you do just that. We are committed to your success, so we go above and beyond and strive to overdeliver. We cannot wait to assist you in your journey to your success and best life as your tutor, mentor, coach, motivator, friend, and supporter.

5 Star Reviews!

"Ms. Jessica is AMAZING! We hired Ms. Jessica for enrichment and specifically for Algebra honors... she can break math concepts down to where my son could understand it almost immediately. Ms. Jessica not only helped with his Algebra honors, but she helped in all subjects: his advanced Science, English, and Advanced World History.... My husband and I are so proud of our son; he earned straight A's and for the first time ever he received his highest marks on his standardized testing in math... Thank you so much Jessica for all of your help and expertise."

~Natalie J., (for full review, see Reviews page)

Currently available for virtual sessions nationwide and in-person sessions in the Manassas, VA area! Schedule a FREE initial consultation today!

Why Mindful Ontogeny Tutor Jessica Schmitt?

  • fully committed to helping you reach your highest success

  • helps students improve academic performance and raise grades

  • guides students to a deeper understanding of course concepts than they can get in school

  • encourages students' curiosity and is willing to answer their questions

  • 5-star reviews from previous students/families

  • has experience working with children with special needs

  • has experience tutoring a variety of subjects (including multiple math disciplines, history, science, English, and various general electives)

  • helps students increase self-confidence

  • teaches skills necessary for lasting success (both in school and in life)

  • fosters a deeper desire to achieve among students

  • offers extra practice worksheets at no additional charge for students' learning

  • is available to contact in between sessions with questions at no additional charge

  • has exceptional patience

  • can create schedules for homework/material completion

  • has excellent organization skills, time management, and note-taking skills

  • passionate about sharing what she has learned

  • goes above and beyond

  • constantly learning and growing herself

  • goal-oriented, detail-oriented, and success-oriented

Have an athlete who wants to make it to the next level?

Mindful Ontogeny Coach Jessica Schmitt helps athletes shape their mindsets to set them up for the highest levels of success. Jessica is a professional ballet dancer, so she understands what it means to chase an enormous athletic goal. She has used mindset principles for success along her own journey and shares these principles with other athletes who want peak performance. Through principles such as self-confidence, identity, attitude, and perspective of failure, Jessica guides, mentors, and coaches athletes along their own mindset and personal development journeys so that they can accomplish their goals and reach their highest levels of success.

Want to learn more about mindset and success? Listen to the podcast Triple E: Elevate, Enhance, Expand, hosted by Mindful Ontogeny owner and founder, Jessica Schmitt.